Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello People!

Welcome to Winnifred's Words of Wisdom!
And welcome to the KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN page of The Arts Effect Website!

Hopefully, you've had a chance to check out our videos!! We are really proud of our new web-series and we are so so so psyched for you to watch, watch again, review, comment---you know--all that good stuff!  

Also--My friends and I can't wait to blog with you guys!! 

Our goal to bring together group of really smart, interesting, opinionated kids to talk, chat, discuss, and debate everything going on in our crazy world.  

You've got a voice---you have ideas, thoughts, theories, questions, answers---and we can't wait to hear what you have to say!   

So let's get the conversation started!

Ok---are you ready?  Very exciting!!  Here we go. 
What are you thinking about? Right now? Right this very second?   Haha.  Just kidding.  That's a lot of pressure, huh?

I guess we need a topic, right?

Topics, topics, topics---Hmm...

Ok, I have a really important question:  What topics/issues mean the most to you and why?  

Education? The Environment? The Economy? Religion? The Arts? Peer Pressure? Cyber Bullying? Sports? Animal rights? Human rights? Women's rights? Family? Friends? Fashion? Media? Illiteracy? Body Image? Self Image? Self Esteem? Health? Health care?....

Hey, listen, maybe you're like me and ALL these topics/issues mean a lot to you!  So, pick one and write about it?  Share your thoughts, share your opinions---bring it on!!  

WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!  And, trust me, this is not about judgement, it's not about proper spelling, or perfect grammar, or being right or wrong---it's just about kids help other kids to OPEN THEIR EYES!!

So Let's get talking friends!

Ready, set, GO....Tell me something!!!!


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  2. like seriously fuck it also body image some people make fun of me because i have like a lot of curves and im all like "i cant help it!!!"
    help winnifred!!!

  3. have you seen her movie Sexybaby since i have seen that movie i myself have been trying to help get this generation back on track im 15 and i hate this generation the electronics, movies, internet,social media, and more.... it has to stop


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